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We are very well connected.

Our audio production studios are connected to recording studios all over the world. We do this via an internet-based broadcast-quality audio sharing resource called Source-Connect. This amazing technology gives us unprecedented access to talent world wide. So if a client wanted to use an actor in Los Angeles or New York, we would arrange for the talent to go to one of our partner studios. Through Source-Connect it’s as if we are all in the same room! The quality is just as good as if the actor was sitting in our booth. Not only does this save time, it can really save a client’s budget from getting blown out of the water.

Weho Studios partners with hundreds of other Source-Connect studios to form a network of professionals all working to achieve common goals: Watching out for our clients and each other. It’s that sort of camaraderie that ensures our clients can count on great results from Weho.

Source Connect

Dave Crockett

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Weho Studios has developed successful partnerships with a variety of clients and we’d like to work with you. Please contact us by filling out this form, or call us at (713) 999-5297 and let’s talk!